1. What is Mazagan?


The Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort is a 5-star hotel located near El Jadida in Morocco. It is owned by Kerzner Properties, the group that brought you the famous Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The amenities are vast and the staff is extremely welcoming and accomodating.

2. Is it safe?


Yes. If you've been to Morocco before than you already know you have nothing to worry about. As a first timer, you can rest assured that Mazagan Resort and the local and federal governments of Morocco take every measure needed to ensure your stay is safe and secure. If you are still worried, please know there are countless of armed security guards and undercover officers patrolling the resort 24 hours a day. Around the resort our guests wear their Kippah and Talit freely with no concerns.

3. How do I fly there?


Royal Air Maroc has daily direct flights from JFK to Casablanca on the new 787 Boeing Dreamliner. Its a great airline with very good deals. Other airlines also fly to Casablanca via Madrid or Paris.

4. How do I get from the airport to the resort?


We offer complimentary shuttle service to the resort before and after the holiday. We will email you a shuttle schedule before your flight. We also offer private transfers for $110 each way for up to 6 people.



I'm sure you have lots of questions. Please read through the questions below to learn more about our program. Feel free to contact us with addiitonal topics or questions about the Mazagan passover program.

5. What's the mix of people?


Over the last 10 years we are proud to say we have hosted guests come from all around the globe. Our program had close to 700 guests last year. The majority are from France, United States, Britain and Israel. However, we also had guests from Central and South America, Spain, Canada, Italy, Eastern Europe and even Australia. Although the majority of our guests are 'Modern Orthodox,' people from all religious levels feel extremely comfortable at Mazagan. Our program is a judgement free environment where everyone gets along and enjoys the holiday in their own personas way and traditions.

6. How is the Shul?


We have 2 large dedicated Shuls in the hotel where Shaharit, Minha and Maariv are everyday. One shul is Sephardic and the second is Ashkenaz. We have plenty of Siddurim but we ask you to bring your own as it gets very busy during services.

7. How is the Seder set up?


We have multiple large banqet halls setup with tables of 8-10 seats that are evenly spread out. You have plenty of room to partake in your own seder at your own pace. Each table is assigned 2 waiters who are at your service throughout the holiday.

7. What Kashrut do you have?


We adhere to the strictest Kashrut standards overseen by the Beth Din of Casablanca. Our meat is glatt kosher and we have at least 8 Mashgichim from Casablanca and France supervising our kitchen all day and night. We do not serve Kitniyot.

8. What Excursions are available?


Each day of Chol Hamoed we offer a day trip excursion to 3 different cities: Rabat, Marrakech, and Casablanca.

9. How's the weather?


We were blessed last year with great weather. We hope the same for this year. We have averaged 75 to 85 degrees and it is very typical for our guests to partake in outdoor activities everyday. Some have even gone into the ocean which has low water temperatures all year round.

10. Is the program kid-friendly?


Mazagan is one of the most kid-friendly resorts out there. With so many options for kids of all ages, they are guaranteed to never be bored. This is good for parents as well since you will have more time to relax by yourselves. The #1 reason why families come to Mazagan is for our baby club and kids club which is well staffed and gives the parents an opportunity to relax on their own. We also offer earlier dinner times for kids of all ages.

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